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Car Wash Fundraiser!


Due to February being a short month, already full of events...the carwash has been moved to first Saturday in March - March 7, from 10am to 4pm. Please RSVP your availability (or unavailability)...and please forward or spread the word to others affiliated with the club who are not on this email list!  Thank you in advance!
Tickets will be presale $10 for wash, vacuum, hotdog and juice. 
Braddah pops, would be a hit if anyone can get ahold of Jobette. 
If anyone has tickets (unused from previous events) or wants to take care of getting/making them, that would be appreciated! Lemme know so we don't duplicate our efforts. We need to start selling them by the 21st (two weeks away!)
Call Shannon for more information at 808.557.5433 
Please help with organize this event by contributing to the list below
What We Need                                      What We Have





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