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Page history last edited by Michael Haring 9 years, 7 months ago

Welcome to Na Wa'a Hanakahi 

Educational & Cultural Organization 



Bear with us...Site is a Work in Progress...Your mana'o is appreciated in getting this WIKI to where it needs to be...Mahalo!



[Hawaiian Dictionary(Hwn to Eng)]


1. Work, labor, job, occupation, duty, office, activity, function, practice, procedure, process,  reason, action, act, deed, task, service, behavior; to work, labor, do, behave, commit, make, manufacture, create, transact, perform, prepare, happen; to develop, as a picture; to have a love affair; to conduct (as a class). (Translated by many English words, but seldom by ‘work’.)


1. To press, rub or stroke, as in a massage, with gentle pressure of the open palm of the hand; to scrape; to run the fingers along the side of a poi bowl so as to remove the poi clinging to the side


 2. One, only one, alone, lone, some (sometimes following the numeral classifiers ʻa- and ʻe-, or hoʻo-); also, besides, too, single; fellow worker, wife, companion; someone, someone else, a certain (less common than kekahi); unit.

hoʻo.kahi One, one only, alone; oneness, separately, single, singular, solitude, sole; together as a unit, at the same time; to make one, unite; to be similar; same:

E ʻimi kākou ma ka mea e ho ʻokahi ai ka mana ʻo ʻana, Let us seek to unite our thoughts into one.


3. Place, location (contraction of ka wahi, not preceded by ke with this meaning); duty; where; ill case of, approximately, about.




 Shannon opened a Facebook page for Na Wa'a...click on the link and sign up for a FREE account if you haven't already. Then search for Na Wa'a Hanakahi Educational and Cultural Organization--hit the LIKE button and you are IN!


Mike started this WIKI and there are a lot of great tools and uses that would be beneficial for Na Wa'a when we are planning events. Some things need to happen before we ALL can see the value of how it can be used...At the bottom of this page, Mike put a YouTube video on to show us the potential of WIKI. I'm in here trying to see if I can enhance what has already been started... (any other geek wannabees--let's do this!)


When you get the link in your e-mail INBOX or FB page, come on in and take a look around...Add your mana`o to this and at our next Kai Honua or Fundraiser--let's see how using technology can help us get more organized. This also helps those who are not able to come to practice know what's going on....same with FB page!


This is a real wiki!  Please feel free to edit this page, create new pages, add content, and invite others in the Na Wa'a Hanakahi ohana to use the wiki.


Loke's school is having a concert and fundraising event on the 14th of February.  Check out the poster in the events section.  You can click on it to down load it and plaster it around town if you'd like. 


I put some information about our upcoming car wash event on the fund raising page.  Lets get coordinated on this event and raise some money for our club! 


Here's a video I found on YouTube that offers a short and simple explanation of a wiki and how it could be used to coordinate our group.  


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Free help:

1. Learn how to use PBwiki: The PBwiki Manual

2. If you prefer video, watch a recording of our popular webinar, PBwiki 101: Your Guide to Wiki Basics.

3. Need more help? Sign up for a Free introductory webinar




Comments (4)

kim omine said

at 1:22 pm on Feb 4, 2009

Hi Hanakahi Ohana. Happy New Year. Sorry I haven't been with you folks on any practice. Really miss the ocean. I"m Hapai :)

Michael Haring said

at 7:30 pm on Feb 4, 2009

Hi Kim, glad to see you here! Feel free to fiddle around with the wiki to learn about what we can do with it and please add and edit it's content to contribute to it's development. Congratulations on your hapai-ness =)

hapagyrl68@aol.com said

at 10:50 pm on Feb 6, 2009

Oh SNAP! Congrats KIM...WHOOHOO, glad that your finally going to have the family you've always wanted. Miss you down at the beach but I haven't been down much either, but were accomplishing our dreams :)

Loke said

at 5:16 am on Feb 7, 2009

Congratulations! Ke Akua pu! Bless you! Loke

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